Garfield Figure Skating Club and Forestwood SC of Parma The Cleveland Invitational Championships, this year, will continue to be open to skaters from any club. Along with using the Mini System including video replay.

The Cleveland Invitational Championships (CIC’s) are held to stimulate interest in figure skating and to afford a competitive experience for skaters. The competition will be conducted according to the current U.S. Figure Skating rules. Skaters may skate only for their Home Club. CIC’s is part of the Tri-State Council Championship Series and the National Solo Dance Series.

Previously limited to Cleveland-area skaters, CIC’s is open to all skaters from any club. Skaters may not compete below their test level as of February 7, 2014. In most cases, skaters may compete at their test level as of February 7, 2014 or at one level higher (but not both within the same category). See the Official Announcement For Details

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