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Technical Announcement

2013 Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships

2013 Qualifying
Competition Season

Technical Announcement

The 2013 U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition season consists of a total of 13 events. These
include 12 qualifying events (nine regional championships, three sectional championships) and the
2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships (juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior and senior). All 13 events
are sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating and conducted according to the most current U.S. Figure
Skating rulebook, 2013 edition, with changes and clarifications as posted on the U.S. Figure Skating
web site and this announcement. Compliance with these rules as updated or amended is the
responsibility of the participants. U.S. Figure Skating reserves the right to incorporate revisions to the
international judging system (IJS) made by the ISU for junior and senior events and by U.S. Figure
Skating to novice events and below.

The qualifying and national championship competitions are only open to competitors who (1) Are
current members of U.S. Figure Skating (2) Meet the eligibility requirements according to U.S. Figure
Skating Rule 2211 (3) Meet all age and test requirements pertaining to the event to be entered and (4)
Meet the citizen and residency requirements as stated in Rules 2230-2243 and ICR 6.09 of the U.S.
Figure Skating Rulebook. Please note amendments have been made to the requirements for returning
U.S. skaters as well as non-U.S. skaters wishing to compete. Consult the rulebook to ensure you
complete the necessary requirements.

Important Notice for All Coaches
To coach at a U.S. Figure Skating qualifying level competition, a professional coach or choreographer
must be:
• Declared by a skater in the registration process with U.S. Figure Skating
• Listed as Coaches Education Requirement (CER) Category A compliant for 2012-2013
• Current with Coach Registration (requires annual fee and background check)
• A current member in good standing with U.S. Figure Skating
• A current member in good standing with the PSA

A coaches’ requirements chart can be found here:

Each local organizing committee (LOC) will be provided with a list of coaches who are cleared for a
credential at the competition. Coaches will need to check in at the event registration desk and show
a government issued photo I.D. to receive a credential. Coaches who are NOT on the list will need to
show proof of membership in both U.S. Figure Skating and the PSA, a Coaches Registration card, proof
of Category A compliance in CER, and a photo I.D. at check in. If a coach cannot provide a photo
I.D. and is not on the list or cannot produce the necessary documents, he or she will not be allowed a
credential – no exceptions. We strongly urge all coaches to have their cards with them.

Important Notice for All Pairs and Dance Teams
All pairs and dance teams will begin their qualifying season at their respective sectional
championships (unless they have been notified of a bye advancing them directly to the U.S.

2013 Eastern Sectional Championships
Yarmouth Ice Club; Hyannis, Mass.; Nov. 9-13, 2012

2013 Midwestern Sectional Championships
Greater Cleveland Council of FSCs; Strongsville, Ohio; Nov. 9-13, 2012

2013 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships
Peaks FSC; Provo, Utah; Nov. 9-13, 2012

The top four in each discipline will advance to the 2013 U.S Figure Skating Championships.
2013 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Jan. 20-27, 2013
Century Link Center Omaha
Omaha, Neb.


Online Electronic Registration (Required)
Online registration is the ONLY method available for entry into the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating
qualifying competition season. Registration opens July 15, 2012.

To enter online into the 2013 qualifying competition season, proceed in the following manner:
• Log on to
• Input your membership number and password
 - If you do not already have a password, go to first and follow
the online instructions.

If you are experiencing difficulty with online registration, please email the U.S. Figure Skating
Member Services Department at or call the U.S. Figure
Skating main number at 719.635.5200.

The entry deadline for the 2013 qualifying competition season is 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012. The time
zone of your primary residence/principle training center (juvenile, intermediate) or home club
(novice, junior, senior) will determine the entry deadline of 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012.


Age requirements must be met by Sept. 1, 2012.

Test requirements must also be met by Sept. 1, 2012. Provisional entries based on passing a test
after the closing date of entries will not be accepted. Please refer to U.S. Figure Skating Rules 2420-
2423 for further testing information and guidelines.

Those singles skaters advancing, regardless of method, from their regional championships to the
sectional championships will incur an additional $175 entry fee plus an administrative fee.

All pairs and dance teams were charged the $175 entry fee plus an administration fee during the
initial registration process; therefore, no additional entry fee for these teams will be charged.

Singles skaters who receive a bye from their regional championships directly to the sectional
championships will only be charged the sectional entry fee of $175 plus the portal administration
fee. Those who received a late bye after the close of entries and paid the initial $175 entry fee
(and the additional fee) will not be charged any additional fees.


  Regional Championships Sectional Championships U.S. Championships
Singles Skaters $175 $175 N/A

Juvenile/IntermediatePairs and Dance Teams

N/A $175 N/A

Novice/Junior/SeniorPairs and Dance Teams

N/A $175 N/A

Your registration is not considered valid until all appropriate entry and administrative fees are paid
and all required forms (including the planned program content sheet) are completed online to U.S.
Figure Skating.

Online payment via credit card is the ONLY accepted form of payment.

For those competitors advancing to the sectional championships from the regional championships,
the credit card used during the initial entry registration will NOT be automatically charged the
additional sectional entry fee. Skaters must follow the following links to process entry fee payments:

2013 Midwestern Sectional Championships:

2013 Eastern Sectional Championships:

2013 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships:

Once entered, all withdrawals are considered final. A skater may not reenter even if the
withdrawal occurs prior to the entry deadline on Sept. 1, 2012. Please note: refunds are not given
for any reason.

*If you need to withdraw, you must send an email to Gia Witmer at,
with your name, U.S. Figure Skating membership number, event in which you were entered (i.e.
Junior Ladies) and the competition from which you wish to withdraw.

No medical byes will be considered. Competitors awarded a bye to their sectional championships
or the U.S. Championships will receive official notification in writing from U.S. Figure Skating. All
competitors wishing to compete in the 2013 qualifying competition season, including those who
receive a bye, must enter by the Sept. 1, 2012, deadline. Please refer to the most recent U.S. Figure
Skating rulebook for details on byes.



For the 2013 season, all events and levels at all championship competitions (regional, sectional,
U.S. Championships) will be conducted in accordance with the international judging system (IJS).
Check the U.S. Figure Skating website for technical and/or rules updates.

All age and test requirements can be found in the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook starting with Rule
4200 (senior singles) and on the U.S. Figure Skating website at

The well-balanced program charts for all levels and disciplines are posted on the U.S. Figure
Skating web site at As referenced earlier
in this announcement, U.S. Figure Skating will incorporate all changes made by the ISU with regard
to well-balanced programs. Please refer to this web site often for continuous updates.

All competitors entering into the 2013 qualifying competition season are required as part of their
online registration to submit a planned program content sheet (PPCS) detailing the elements in
their program(s). You may update your PPCS at up to two weeks prior to the
start of your competition. Failure to do so creates extra work for the officials working your
competition. You will not be allowed to receive your credential at registration until your PPCS is


COMPETITON MUSIC INFORMATION (Required component of online registration)
U.S. Figure Skating requires all competitors to fully complete a competition music information form
as part of the online registration process.

The following information is required for each piece of music used in the composition of the short
program and free skate: composer, orchestra, duration of music, record label/number (optional
but highly recommended if obtainable).

For all qualifying events during the 2013 season, CDs are the only acceptable media. CDs must be:

• Clearly marked with name (last name, first name), event entered and the music time/
• Each CD must have only ONE (1) track on it. In the case of a short program and free
program, two (2) separate discs must be used. Any disc with more than one (1) track will
NOT be accepted!
• Lead in time (time before the music begins) on CDs may not exceed two (2) seconds.
• Due to compatibility and reliability reasons, music may NOT be submitted on re-recordable
"CD-RW" discs.
• Each CD must be turned in - in a paper CD sleeve with a see through window (obtainable
at any office supply store), also labeled with the skater’s name and event.
• Standard hard plastic jewel cases or other CD holders are no longer acceptable. CDs that
are not properly identified will NOT be accepted.

Competition music must be turned in at the registration desk at the time of registration. At the
Championships, competitors will not receive their credentials at registration until they turn in their
music. The originals will not be kept and forwarded on from Sectionals to Championships, rather
the Music committee will make digital copies at each event to pass the music up to the next level
of competition. The music CD’s will be returned to the competitors at the end of their final event.
Each competitor that qualifies for Sectionals or the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will be
required to bring CD copies to the next event as backup.

Skaters receiving byes to the U.S. Championships are required to email their competition music no
later than one (1) month (Dec. 19, 2012) prior to the start of the U.S. Championships to the following
email address:

Richard Larsen
U.S. Championships Music Tech

Skaters receiving byes must also bring CD copies of their music to the event as backup.

All competitors must have at least one (1) additional copy rink side at practice sessions and during
the actual competition event. The LOC will accept no responsibility for damage or loss. CDs not
picked up by the end of the competition are not the responsibility of the LOC and will be

The official bulletin board and event website will contain any announcements or changes, and it is
the responsibility of the competitors to check often for official notices. Please refer to the local
portion of the announcement for further information regarding the bulletin board and event


For all competitors advancing to the U.S. Championships
All athletes who qualify for the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will receive an email from
U.S. Figure Skating regarding information required and how to book hotels, purchase additional
credentials, etc.

Pairs and Dance
All pairs and dance teams will have their first competition at the sectional championships rather
than the regional championships. The top four placed teams at each sectional championship will
advance to the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. All teams advancing will receive
instructions for downloading the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships announcement from

If there are fewer than four teams from one or more sections, a sufficient number of teams from
other section(s) will be permitted to enter in order to bring the number of entrants up to a
maximum of 12 teams.* These additional entrants will be selected in the order of their placement
at the comparable sectional event of the same year. If two teams are tied for the additional
place both will be permitted to enter. (*If there are already 12 or more teams entered in that
comparable event at the U.S. Championships due to international byes and/or automatic
invitations (rules 2512-2521), there will be no additional teams permitted to enter the U.S. Figure
Skating Championships for that event based on this “fewer than four” rule.

The fifth- and sixth-place pairs and dance teams (unless there are fill-ups) and singles skaters at
each sectional championship will be considered the first and second alternates for the 2013 U.S.
Figure Skating Championships. They will receive instructions for downloading the announcement
but do not need to submit any paperwork unless contacted by U.S. Figure Skating.

Alternates DO NOT need to mail in any paperwork or required forms unless contacted by U.S.
Figure Skating.


U.S. Figure Skating, the host club(s) and/or interclub association, the organizing committee, and
the ice arenas being utilized for these events accept no responsibility for injury or damage
sustained by any participant in these championships (U.S. Figure Skating Rule 1600).

Anti-doping tests will be conducted at the 2013 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, held
in Omaha, Neb., Jan. 20-27, 2013. Anti-Doping testing will be conducted in the Senior-level and
consist of the top four place-winners plus one random selection for each discipline. If selected,
testing is mandatory.

For further information, requests should be addressed to:

U.S. Figure Skating Competitions Coordinator
Gia Witmer

Chair, Competitions Committee
Lynn Goldman

Please refer to the additional information located on the following pages for detailed contact
information for the local organizing committee hosting your specific championships.