Letter from the GCCFSC President

Posted by on Dec 30, 2017 in News

To the Member Clubs of The Greater Cleveland Council Of Figure Skating Clubs:

This has been a very busy skating season for me as President of GCCFSC and as a member of the Board of Directors of US Figure Skating. Many initiatives have been undertaken by the Board Of Directors including Test Refresh, Committee Realignment, and review of our Nominating Committee structure together with preparation of a new Strategic Plan for US Figure Skating that corresponds to the next Olympic Quadrennial. Each of these initiatives will, if passed by Governing Council, impact you and your skater in the coming year.

I have been lucky enough to have played a part in each of these initiatives. I am aware that as members of US Figure Skating it is sometimes difficult to determine what is actually being done by the organization for you and your skater at the “grass roots” level of figure skating. There are many programs that exist for our clubs and our members. We have not done as good a job at providing to our membership information about our programs and what services we provide to our members. I can assure you that staff at Headquarters is working diligently and at capacity to assist our membership in “getting the word out” about our programs. Below you will find links to some of the programs I refer to.

Helpful links on the U.S. Figure Skating web site:

Please take the time to read the SafeSport Handbook found on the website so that you can continue your efforts to provide your skaters with a safe and fun environment in which to skate. The SafeSport Handbook will provide insight into the way in which your child is coached and it deals with many common issues which can be addressed by you as a parent in order to best protect your child while skating.

Finally, the Board of Directors of the GCCFSC has also been busy with planning for the skating season. As you may know we hosted a Club Ed Plus program last fall, created here in Cleveland by GCCFSC, which is now used around the country as a tool to keep the skating community educated about the changing world of figure skating. We continue to bid for competitions and other US Figure Skating programs like Components camp and the Synchro festival. We, together with the CC2000 Trust, continue to provide funding to our member clubs and their skaters throughout the season.

It has been my pleasure to work with the other members of the Board of Directors of GCCFSC who work countless hours as volunteers at competitions, in programs, and in meetings of the board to continue to make figure skating a fun and enjoyable activity. From the Board of Directors of GCCFSC please have a happy and safe New Years.

Steve Wolkin
President GCCFSC