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Are you interested in competing for your own High School?

Do you want to see a figure skating trophy in your High School trophy case? If you are High School age you might be interested in a new program that is being developed by the GCC and has been very successful throughout the country.

You need 2 to 3 skaters from your school. You may combine with your "feeder" Middle School if you do not have enough skaters in your High School (see rules in "How to Form a High School Skating Club" below). We hope to eventually have several High School competitions as our clubs become more numerous.

The following Greater Cleveland Council clubs have members that are active in the High School program and would be happy to help you form your own team.

Cleveland Skating Club - For information contact

Mentor - For information contact

Shaker - For information contact

Strongsville - For information contact




Congratulations to Shaker High School the 2012 overall winner and Team Spirit award winner.

Overall Team Final Results HERE

Team Results HERE

Individual Event Results HERE

Hosted by the Shaker Figure Skating Club

Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12, 2012



If you are interested please contact the GCC See USFS link below for information to help you form your high school club. School/High School Program.pdf



1.  Why even try to start skating clubs at the high school level in Ohio?

Due to the large number of high school and middle school students who enjoy skating from the beginner level to senior level.  Figure skating is a very popular sport in Ohio.  In northeast Ohio alone, there are a large number of rinks and figure skating clubs.  Members of these clubs support the idea of skating for your school in addition to your figure skating club.

2.  What exactly is a school skating club?

A school skating club is a group of high school and feeder middle school students who are interested in skating and wish to represent their school in an annual state competition. 

The club can be made up of skaters of all levels from beginner through senior level.  This type of school club competition is unique in that members can range from the beginner level to the highest proficiency and be representing their school on the same team.   This also allows skaters who are unable to participate in other after school sports due to their level of commitment to skating to participate on a team that is representing their school.  Overall, a skating club is a fun, friendly format to represent your school and maintain friendships outside of school in a supervised activity.

3.  Currently who supports this concept?

United States Figure Skating (USFS) the governing body of the figure skating in the United States supports this concept and in fact all schools must register their team annually with the USFS.  

The Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs is also a supporter of the concept. The GCC is made up of all clubs in the northeast Ohio area and information on the annual competition is funneled through the delegates to the GCC. 

Currently there are a number of high school and collegiate teams in Ohio.  Since 2006, the Shaker Figure Skating Club has hosted the Ohio High School Team Championship and these are the schools who have participated in the Ohio High School Team Championship: 

High School that have consistently participated:

  • Laurel
  • Hawken
  • Hathaway Brown
  • Solon
  • Shaker
  • Mentor
  • Kenston
  • Orange
  • Padua
  • Strongsville
  • Stow Munroe Falls

High School Teams that participated last year and hope are returning this year:

  • NDCL
  • Lake Catholic
  • Riverside (may not have any skaters)
  • Garfield Hts.

High School Teams that participated once:

  • Wooster
  • Gilmour (I believe they are returning in 2010)
  • Kent Roosevelt
  • Twinsburg

High School Teams that have indicated interest but have never participated:

  • Brush (South Euclid/Lyndhurst)
  • Hudson
  • Kirtland

Collegiate teams include Ohio University, Miami University and Kent State University.

4.  Where else in the US are there high school skating clubs?

Currently the following states have active high school skating clubs:  Michigan, Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey and Colorado.

5.  Who would be eligible to join a high school skating club?

Any student interested in figure skating could join the club.  Each school will have guidelines for academic, discipline and attendance  that students must follow to be members of clubs.  In order to participate in the annual Ohio High School Championship, club members would have to be members of USFS in order to have insurance coverage for the competition.  A student could be a member of the club and choose not to participate in the competition however this scenario is unlikely due to the fact that the competition is the main focus of formulating the team. 

6.  Will the club have a charter, team meetings, and an advisor?

Clubs typically have charters for formulation.   The number of team meetings will be dependent on the group.   Each team must have an advisor (who signs the application sent to the USFS).  The advisor should be chosen based on their interest in figure skating.  The advisor should also plan to attend the annual Ohio High School Championship.    Teams may meet for the purposes of planning their team wardrobe, selecting team members for the spin and maneuver teams, making signs for the competition and any fundraising that might be needed for the team to travel to the championship. 

7.  What exactly will the skating club  do and what will they accomplish at their school?

The club will promote figure skating within the school community.  In general they will promote school spirit by representing their school at the annual high school competition.  One part of the competition is a “spirit award”.  This award is given by the skating professionals present based on the school’s spirit shown through signs, fans cheering for their team, team colors/clothing.    Team members who are not competing at the event my assist the organizing club with score running, music running and monitoring duties. 

8.  What is the breakdown of skating club membership requirements?

First, every school will have requirements for club membership. The skating club will have to comply with those requirements.   Any club member who intends to participate in the annual competition must also be a member of USFS.  If they are currently a member of an affiliated USFS figure skating club, they will already be a member of USFS.  If they are not a current member of a figure skating club, they will have to join USFS.  The student should speak to the advisor about how to go about joining USFS.   There may also be some fees incurred with practicing at a local rink, coaches fees and any team uniform (jacket, shirt). 

9.  What paperwork is required from the school district?

Your school district will require you to complete paperwork similar to other clubs forming at your school in order to receive recognition.  Each school is different, so you will need to investigate this with your activities advisor. 

Once the club is formed at the school, you must submit the Application for School Affiliated Club Membership form to the USFS along with a $30 fee.   The fee should be paid by all participating members of the skating club. 

There is no other form needed from the school for the club to participate in the annual championship competition.  This championship will be run similar to other skating competitions where the entrance fees will be born by the individual skaters.  Travel to the competition site will also be arranged by the skaters and will not involve school property or equipment. 

10.  What is the annual Ohio High School Team Championship and how will students participate?

In order for the clubs to have a purpose and goal, a high school team championship competition was begun in 2003.  Since 2006, the Shaker Figure Skating Club has hosted and grown this annual event with the assistance of the Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating.   This event is typically held in February each year at Thornton Park Ice Arena in Shaker Heights, Ohio.    This competition is sanctioned by the USFS.  The competition is held outside of school hours and transportation to the event is the responsibility of the skaters and parents.  

11.  How is the competition judged?

The competition is judges by USFS sanctioned judges who donate their time and expertise year round to the sport of figure skating.  This competition is judged using the 6.0 system.   The competition includes free skating events,  compulsory moves and short program events, showcase events,  two team events and is piloting a team production number event. The team events consist of 2 to 4 members from the school.  The team events include spin and maneuver team.    In the past, the showcase events have been judged by “guest” judges who are not sanctioned judges of USFS but have a relationship and knowledge of figure skating that qualify them to judge this portion of the competition.   Skaters placing first through fourth place in the showcase events will be eligible to compete at Showcase Nationals. 

12. What are the competition awards?

The championship is run in a similar manner to other USFS sanctioned competitions.   Each event will be judged individually and medals are awarded for First through Sixth place.  The school represented by the skater will receive the following points for their placement:  1st place – 6 points, 2nd place – 5 points; 3rd place – 4 points; 4th place – 3 points; 5th place – 2 points; and sixth place – 1 point.    Schools will receive plaques for overall point totals for the free skating events;  compulsory moves and short program; showcase; maneuver teams; and spin teams.  There are overall team point total award trophies for first, second and third place.  The judges also award a trophy for Team Spirit.    The medals are for the skaters to keep personally. The plaques and trophies are to be presented to their school for the school’s trophy case.

13.  Is there are fee required of skaters to skate in the championship?

Yes, there will be fee required of all skaters.  Each skater may participate in a maximum of three events for their school team.   The production group number is a separate event and can be a 4th event for those skaters entering three other events.   The team may hold fundraisers in order to off-set the entry fee expense.  This is up to each school to determine. 

14.  Do skater’s private coaches attend/coach at the championship?

While all spectators are encouraged to attend – and there is no admission fee – only other skaters and the team advisor are permitted to “put out” skaters at the competition. We encourage private coaches to attend and they may “coach” their students in between events, but they are not permitted to stand by the boards during the competition.   This is another way to reduce the skaters’ expense for the competition. 

15.  Are there individuals I can contact to get more information?

A USFS club is required to be the host of a sanctioned figure skating competition.    The local area chairman of the event is Beth Riebe.  You can reach her at: or 216/360-9462.   The Chief Referee of the event has been Jamie Hebert, .   The Chief Accountant has been Shirley Rego,    Any of these individuals should be able to assist you with questions you might have.