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Greater Cleveland Council Synchronized Skating Committee Update 10/07/10

The Synchronized Skating Committee of the Greater Cleveland Council of FSC is pleased to announce that six rinks have agreed to participate in our Beginner Synchronized Skating program. The rinks are Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Gilmour, The Pond, Strongsville and Wooster.

We have contracted with Jeff Marshall to be the mentoring coach. Additional coaches may be hired as needed to meet the needs of the programs. The new coaches in the program will have access (via email and /or phone) to a mentoring coach for any questions they may have during the year.

Each rink will identify 2 - 3 coaches (more if needed) to be trained on how to teach Synchro at the Basic Skills level.

An initial training seminar will take place 8:30AM - 12:30PM Sunday October 24, 2010 at North Olmsted Recreation Complex for all registered coaches. We are also encouraging rink management and club officers to attend this seminar. This seminar is being provided to the participants at no charge.

Items provided to the rinks for their programs at no cost:

1. The initial seminar for as many coaches as you would like to send

2. A mentoring coach/coaches to work with your coaches as needed during the initial year

3. USFS instruction material

4. Initial marketing materials that will include a DVD (What is Synchro) and a printed handout

5. At least one follow-up seminar/clinic

6. The program will pay the USFS fee to register as many Beginner teams that your program can support.

This program is following the USFS Basic Skills Synchro badge program. Our goal is to grow the programs at the Basic Skills level with the hope of  transistioning skaters to the clubs.   

The following Greater Cleveland Council clubs currently have synchronized programs.

Cleveland Edges - The contact person is Jeff Marshall at

Cleveland Skating Club - Has a Pre-Juvenile and Beginner program. Contact Beth Rizzo - 216-321-0674,

Mentor - Beginner and Travel teams. Contact: Sue Clemente Mentor Info: Beginner Program and Ice Diamonds Team Info

Pavilion - Has a youth synchronized skating team. Coach is Jen Martino and she can be reached through their club email address

If you would like to begin a Synchronized skating program at your club contact us ( and we will get you started. The following are Synchronized skating links from U.S. Figure Skating.


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