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The Story of CIC's

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The Cleveland Invitational Championships (CIC’s) are held to stimulate interest in figure skating and to afford a competitive experience for skaters. The competition is conducted according to the current U.S. Figure Skating rules. Previously limited to Cleveland-area skaters, CIC’s is open to all skaters from any club. CIC’s is part of the Tri-State Council Championship Series and the National Solo Dance Series.


CIC’s is a GCC Competition hosted by our member clubs. The 2025 competition is being considered for host clubs. If your club is interested in hosting for 2025, please complete the Bid Form below and submit for consideration. 


For subsequent years, member clubs may bid on hosting CICs by submitting the bid form. The competition is always hosted in a rink no less than 200 feet in length. If the Host Club’s rink is less than 200 feet in length, the Host Club either passes on the competition or arranges for a different rink within which to host the competition.​

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Three trophies are awarded each year and only GCC member clubs are eligible to win the trophies.

  1. The Joy Cunningham-William Wall Cleveland Invitational Championship Club Trophy is awarded to the club winning the most points. Points are awarded as follows: 1st place – 4 points, 2nd place – 3 points, 3rd place – 2 points, 4th place – 1 point. The number of points is reduced in events with fewer than 4 skaters. For Dance and Pairs events with skaters from two different clubs, the points are split. Maneuver teams are not included in the point total. This is a traveling trophy.

  2. The Elaine and Charles A. DeMore Memorial Trophy is awarded to the skater who wins the Intermediate Ladies Free Skate. If there is more than one group of Intermediate Ladies FS, a Final Round will be held. This is a traveling trophy.

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