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2023 Ohio High School Team Figure Skating Championships Registration is now open!

The 2023 Ohio High School Team Figure Skating Championships will be held again this year at Thornton Park, sponsored by the Shaker Figure Skating Club. The competition will take place on Feb 4-5, 2023.

For the OHHS Competition, skaters in grades 5-12 represent their high schools, have a team manager and no individual coaching is allowed as the skaters are put out by their teammates. Teams should be getting organized, getting approval from school administration and applying for their HSAC forms. Skaters should be talking with their teammates and team managers as well as their individual coaches about what events they might be interested in signing up for to represent their team. This year we will be offering: Excel Free Skate, Moves in the Field to Music, Team Maneuvers, Showcase - Character Performance, Interpretive, Solo Free Dance, Solo Pattern Dance and Mini Production/Production Ensemble.

This is a terrific opportunity for skaters in grades 5-12 participate in a fun competition representing their school. This is a beloved event that the Shaker FSC is proud to host every year. We will be looking for volunteers to help run the competition smoothly so please keep an eye out for opportunities to help. We will have lots of opportunities including runner positions for our younger skaters not quite old enough to compete yet along with many parent opportunities. It takes a village to run our competition smoothly and we look forward to seeing many of our members chipping in to help!

Registration is now open on Entryeeze and the announcement is attached to this email. Registration closes December 15, 2022. Late entries will be accepted with a $25 late fee until December 31, 2022.

Please contact Erika Leiken and Laura Northrop at with any questions. We look forward to hosting this wonderful competition again this season!



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